How To Fix Carpet Seams?

How To Fix Carpet Seams?

Carpet seams start to show off due to various factors. Be it due to ageing or improper installation, carpet seams are often prone to damage.  Even the high human traffic tends to make your carpet’s seams tear off. As a result, the reasons for this are endless. But how to fix carpet seams? In order to expect the best outcomes, you need to follow certain strategies and methodologies. There are two types of concerns with your carpet seams. One is a splitting concern and the other is a peaking concern. If the two seams are breaking free, and start to turn upwards, then it is the peaking. When it comes to splitting, you tend to observe the space in your carpeting, thus leading to the separation of seams. 

To know more about the damages that carpet seams got through, follow this article. And the following are the various methods on how to fix the carpet seams effectively and the approaches that you need to use! 

Fix Carpet Seams

Here Is How You Can Fix The Carpet Seams 

  • Covering Up The Carpet Seams: Most of the time, carpets won’t come in the sizes you desire. In such cases, you don’t have any other option, other than folding or tucking the extra ends and corners. Sometimes, carpet seams peaking or splitting is inevitable. In such particular situations, you need to go for a covering method without having to do anything practically. These minor repairs can also be fixed using glue or adhesive tapes. But how to fix carpet seams using these?

How To Do It? 

Apply generous quantities of glue to certain sections of the carpet borders. Now apply pressure in these regions and make sure to press them into the glue. After this, you can now set anything heavy over it, in order to achieve the best results. By setting weight, it improves the rate of adhesion. 

  • Rearranging The Carpets: In case your carpets are situated in the wrong position, even then you can see that your carpets tend to fade off. For example, placing them in an area with direct sunlight can ruin their shine. Therefore,  it is ideal to arrange them in a shady area. This will further aid you in protecting your carpets from harsh sunlight and it protects the carpets to hold their texture and stays intact. 
  • Concealing: This can be done effectively with seam tape. Seams in general should be placed in low-traffic regions. If human or foot traffic is high, it is better to protect them to the maximum,  as this will effectively damage them. Be it because of entangling in your shoes or any other object, seams can easily come off. And there are higher odds of fibres breaking out. To avoid this, you can conceal it using seam tape. 

How To Do It? 

You can do it by placing the new seam tape in between the seam edges and along with this, you need to iron the seam tape simultaneously. Due to the heat, the seams come together and get concealed. Now place heavy weight onto the areas where you have concealed. This enhances the efficiency of adhesion as it aids in better concealing. 

  • Fixing The Frayed Carpet Seam: Fraying of the carpet is one of the most popular carpet concerns you ever come across. As this occurs frequently, you should consider fixing it as soon as possible. But how to fix carpet seams and fraying? There are 2 solutions for fixing carpet fraying.
    • Seam sealers 
    • The glue gun 

How Do You Do It? 

  • Hot Glue Gun: Using the glue gun method is the standard way to restore your frayed carpet. To do this, firstly,  you should clip the fraying ends. Now you need to fill the visible gaps using the glue gun. Since the glue is hot, it will hold the pieces together and adhesive. Also, you need to ensure the carpet’s back, so that the glue doesn’t stick to the back. Once the gluing is done, you need to place heavy objects like the previous method, this enhances the rate of adhesion. 
  • Seam Sealing Agent: The carpet seam sealer plays a major role in fixing your issue as it can last for a longer duration and is proven to be highly effective. 

How Do You Do It? Once you initiate the application of sealer in the gaps, the seams start to come together. Now let this dry for a longer duration, so that it holds properly. Applying slight pressure can also aid in sealing the seam securely. 

  • Carpet Split Repair: Carpet split seams occur due to many reasons. And have you ever thought about how to fix carpet seams and carpet splits? If yes, we are here to provide you with the answer. Before knowing how to fix it, you need to know the reasons for the cause. The following are a few: 
  • Inappropriate installation 
  • High traffic or foot activity 
  • Poor carpeting quality 
  • Improper gluing 
  • How Do You Do It? 

In order to fix your carpet split seams, you need to measure the size of the carpet seam that you want to fix. Then select the carpet tape, using which you can stick the seams. By rolling down the carpet, ensure that the edges are stuck together. 


Since your carpets have more than one benefit and serve as the best decorative pieces, keeping them defectless is necessary. It is important to fix any kind of carpet issue. Instead of replacing your carpets with minute damages, you can mend them. Since the frayed edges can often be concealed using a carpet bar, you don’t have to worry about it. In the same way, there are many other issues that can instantly be fixed. If you are ever doubtful about how to fix carpet seams, you can rely on this article or call professionals for help. Also, you can hire our experts for carpet repair in Perth and carpet restretching repair at an affordable cost.

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