Many people have this question in their minds. Yes, our carpet repair company is legal and authorised. Moreover, we work according to standard carpet repair guidelines.

Absolutely yes, we only use the best carpet stitching and patching agents. The solutions we use are both safe and effective.

We replace the burned area with a new patch. We simply cut the damaged part of your carpet. Then find the best-matched carpet patch. We then place the patch in such a way that it is not visualised much.

Carpet rips, holes, seam damage, splitting fibres, wrinkles, burns, tears and scratches are some carpet damage problems we solve daily.

We employ specialised power stretching instruments and safe trimming techniques. Our carpet repair specialists thoroughly examine your carpet, tack strips, and carpet pads to correctly diagnose the problem. Additionally, we will assist you in identifying the source of the issue. If it has to do something with moisture regulation, inappropriate usage, or anything else.

Definitely, and we go further than that. No matter how big or bad, wrinkles, puffiness, and rips are also the carpet repair issue we can handle.
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