10 Best Homemade Carpet Cleaners

10 Best Homemade Carpet Cleaners

Carpets make up an essential component of any home. They enhance the look and add an elegant factor to your home. But, carpets become prone to spills, dirt, crumbs, mould and bacteria. This is the part everyone wants to avoid. The most common way to clean the carpets is regular vacuuming. Firstly, regular vacuuming will only remove the surface area dust. But a deeper cleaning is required to make your carpets look lively. However, homemade carpet cleaners are much more popular and in trend today. They are chosen over commercial cleaners. This is because they contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. 

Here are the 10 best homemade carpet cleaners and cleaning solutions. They are easy to make and will require no fancy ingredients. All you need is your regular kitchen items. Hence, these solutions are great for all types of carpet cleaning problems. Whether it is stain removal, pee smell removal, gum stains and other issues. Go through the guide below to start!

Best Homemade Carpet Cleaners

The Top 10 Diy Carpet Cleaning Solutions For All Purposes 

  • The perfect stain removal solution 

One of the 10 best homemade carpet cleaners is using this stain removal solution. This deep cleaner solution is great for dirt and grease. Firstly, you will need the following ingredients to make the solution. The main ingredient we will use is white vinegar. 

For light stains, you can make a solution using 2 tablespoons of salt and 1⁄2 cup of vinegar. Just apply the solution and keep it for 15 mins. Blot the stain later. 

For tougher stains like coffee, make a solution using one and a half tablespoons of vinegar, the same measurement of laundry detergent and two cups of water. Apply the mixture on the stain directly. Wait for a few hours for the solution to work. Furthermore, make sure not to rub the stain before. It will only spread, making the stain worse. Just blot the stain until it is completely dried. Do the same after applying the solution as well. Hence, use a clean cloth and warm water to remove the solution. And your carpet will be stain free in no time.

  • Ammonia carpet cleaning solution

Another powerful stain removal ingredient among the 10 best homemade carpet cleaners is ammonia. But you will have to be careful while using ammonia due to its strong odour. Firstly, make sure to open the windows in the area. Also, make sure there is proper ventilation in the room. The ingredients you need will be 1 cup of ammonia, half a gallon of warm water and a sponge. Apply the solution and let it sit on the stain for 15-20 mins. Next, use a clean sponge and blot the area until the stain is completely removed. 

  • Baking soda cleaning solution

Baking soda and vinegar are the best cleaning agents. They are a classic combination. Simply sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet. Allow the baking soda to settle for a few hours. Next, make a solution by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray this over the baking soda. Hence, blot the area until dry. 

  • Liquid dishwashing and detergent carpet cleaner

You can simply use your dishwashing liquid or a detergent to clean the carpets. Just mix one cup of vinegar and one teaspoon of the liquid. Use a spray bottle for easy application. Lastly, sprinkle and scrub the dirt away. This simple DIY is very effective and reliable.

  • Hydrogen peroxide carpet cleaner

If you have hydrogen peroxide available at home, it’s the best way to clean the carpets. Use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. Apply the mixture and blot the area. You can repeat it until the stain is completely gone. 

  • Borax carpet cleaner 

For this DIY, all you need are equal parts of salt, borax and vinegar. It will be in a paste form. Make sure to use gloves as borax should not be touched with bare hands. Rub the paste onto the carpet and leave for a few hours. The paste will be dried completely. Hence, just vacuum and clean using a clean wet cloth. 

  • Cornstarch carpet cleaner solution

Yes, you can use cornstarch as well to clean your carpets. Firstly, gather these ingredients available at your home. You will need 2 cups of baking soda, half a cup of cornstarch, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a few dried bay leaves. Just grind these in a food processor. Also, you can easily store this powder in an airtight container. Just sprinkle the powder over the carpet. Make sure it is covered completely. You can use a brush to spread it. Leave the powder overnight. Hence, vacuum the carpet in the morning. 

  • Homemade carpet shampoo

Here is the recipe for the most effective carpet shampoo you can make at home. Firstly, the ingredients you need are – 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent, one scoop of Oxiclean, one tablespoon of any fabric conditioner and a gallon of hot water. Just mix the ingredients and get to work. The lather will deep clean the carpets. Leaving behind no dirt and grease. 

  • Homemade carpet deodoriser 

A carpet deodoriser is a game changer. It will improve the hygiene of your carpets. And provide a fresh smell as a result. Here is a simple two-ingredient carpet deodoriser you can make at home. Firstly, you’ll need two cups of bicarbonate soda. Next, you’ll need a few drops of any essential oil. For example, lavender oil, vanilla and lemongrass oil. Just mix the ingredients in a shaker without causing any clumps. Hence, you have your carpet deodorised in no time. 

  • Steam vapour for best results

The most straightforward way to clean carpets is using simple water. There is no place for any reaction or side effects to this method. All you need is a potential steam cleaner that can be used at home. Importantly, this investment will save you from future damage expenses. Hence, every penny is worth it. A carpet steam cleaner will deep clean the carpets. Therefore, it will regain the softness and freshness of your carpets. 

To Conclude:

Above are the 10 best homemade carpet cleaners you can put to use. These solutions are simple and easy to make. And are quite effective. Regular vacuuming along with these remedies will keep your carpets fresh. It will also enhance the lifespan of the carpet. Hence, you can choose any one among these 10 best carpet cleaners at home. Also, you can hire our experts for carpet repair in Canberra and carpet stretching repair at an affordable cost.

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